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Tige Andrews (right) as Capt. Adam Greer in the Emmy nominated 'The Mod Squad'
Karl as Baseball pitcher, Jebediah Mumfort in 'Little House on the Prairie'
P Jay as the 'Heritage Club' doorman in the film, 'Trading Places' - Here he is warning Billy Ray Valentine (Eddie Murphy) not to come back!
Terry as Colonel Tigh, second in command of the ragtag fleet of starships, in the TV series 'Battlestar Galactica'
'Back at the Front' (1952) - Harvey played Joe, opposite Tom Ewell as Willie in the further misadventures of the comic soldiers!
With Sholom Rubinstein, Mickey co-wrote a book about the Bilko show called; Bilko: Behind the Lines With Phil Silvers
Billy,second right, as Harrison 'Tinker' Bell in 'McHale’s Navy'
Terry starring as "Sgt. Joe Broadhurst", Weaver's sidekick on 'McCloud'
A tinted scene from 'Bilko Joins the Navy' click to view fully
Together with Corporal Steve Henshaw, Bilko's henchmen. Devoted sidekick and fundraiser for Ernie. Never once has he deserted the master sergeant. 
Played by Harvey Lembeck   -  Click Here for an in-depth look 
He and Rocco Barbella are Bilko's henchmen. Devoted sidekick of Ernie and organiser of raffles, dances etc. He finally turns against Bilkos fleecing of his own platoon and sets up his own 'Gamblers Anonymous' at Camp Fremont. See the episode entitled; 'The Bilko Boycott.' He can imitate Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart and Humphrey Bogart to perfection. Played by Allan Melvin  -  Click Here for an in-depth look
Pessimistic platoon member from New York. A dab-hand at needlepoint, he formerly plied his trade as a tailor. Has a loathing of going home to his wife Lena and their six children. (The children of the Fender family, pictured above, are Bentley, Claude, Cynthia, Olivia, Raoul and Tab) Played by Herbie Faye.  Herbie also appeared alongside his great friend, Phil Silvers in Top Banana (1954) and as Waluska in The New Phil Silvers Show (1963).He also had a substantial impact on Phil's amazing comedic style and at an early part of Phil's career, Herbie was to be Phil's mentor from the 1930s.
Former Golden Gloves boxing champion. Ernie sees an opportunity to make money by betting on him in the ring. The only trouble is Claude is now more interested in botany than boxing! Felicia is the lovely young lady in his life.
Played by Walter Cartier
Walter was actually a Professional middleweight Boxer in real life too. He turned pro in 1946 and fought four one-time world champions during his career. In 1951 he appeared in the Stanley Kubrick documentary, Day of the Fight. After he left the Bilko series he became a salesman.
Played by the irreplaceable, Maurice Gosfield
Click Here for an in-depth look at Duane, the platoon super slob, and the loveable actor who played him.
Irving is not a very attractive platoon member to say the least. He wears spectacles and has a distinctively Oriental look about him. In one memorable show, Bilko convinces Sergeant Quentin Q. Benton that Irving is a knife-wielding-Japanese-maniac.
Played by Maurice Brenner
Maurice was actually born 'Morris' Brenner. Before joining the Bilko series, he was appearing on Broadway in the Sidney Kingsley drama Lunatics & Lovers. In 1985, he had a short part in the movie The Purple Rose Of Cairo.
He is always to the forefront, listening to Ernie Bilko very carefully when he has an idea. He would often chip in with his quizzical thoughts.
Played by Tige Andrews
Tige was actually born with the name Tiger Androwaous. He was so named, by his Lebanese parents because, according to their custom, naming him after a strong animal ensured good health. He was wounded whilst in Sicily during World War II. Tige went on to be best known for his role as Captain Adam Greer in the TV series The Mod Squad.
Gomez is usually in the background with very little speaking parts. Although in Bilko's Grand Hotel he dresses up as the maid Marie!!
Played by Bernie Fein
Bernie went on to co-create and associate produce the 1960’s American television sitcom, Hogan's Heroes.
Stash is a tall member of the platoon. According to Ernie Bilko, he is of Polish origin. Before joining up, Stash worked for Expert Cleaning.
Played by Karl Lukas
In 1948, Karl was in the stage version of the Broadway play Mister Roberts, his co-star was the legendary Henry Fonda. By 1975, he had joined the cast of the televisual "weepie" Little House on the Prairie, playing a baseball loving character called Jebediah Mumfort.
A tough-talking character who regularly has some sardonic remark to make. Man who is very rarely seen with a smile on his face!
Played by Jack Healy
In 1939, Jack, took 'Thomas Rocco Barbella' with him to New York's famous Stillman's Gym to see how good a boxer he was. When a seasoned pro named Antonio Fernandez beat him up, he swore he would never get into the ring again. A few months later, however, he was back boxing again, this time fighting under the name of his sister's boyfriend, Rocky Graziano. Jack became the great Boxer's Fight Manager.

Lead singer with the Bilko inspired, West Indian Boys calypso band. Anything that needs to be done with electronics he is the man for it. One time, he even fitted headlights onto a racehorse!
Played by P. Jay Sidney
Before joining the cast of the show, P. Jay was already an accomplished bit-part actor. He had appeared in many plays. Including: Carmen Jones and Androcles and the Lion. In 1971, he starred alongside the great black actor Sidney Poitier in the movie Brother John. P. Jay also starred alongside the black comedy actor, Eddie Murphy in the 1983 classic comedy movie, Trading Places.
Billy in Rocky
Chirpy Italian-American of the platoon. Before Fort Baxter he was stationed at Fort Monmouth, serving with the Signals Corps. Ernie Bilko got Dino to save an officers life, not once but three times, so that he could get him promoted to the rank of Warrant Officer. A known blabbermouth he cannot keep anything to himself. Always sings in the shower - one time seeming to make up his own tune - Bilko was so convinced that he wanted it entering for the Song of the motor pool - though it turned out that Dino actually heard the tune first, at his former camp!! A competition addict he won first prize in one of an all-expenses paid trip to Florida. The only snag was the prize was for a married couple - So Bilko got him to dress as his wife, Dinah. Helps burn down a hotel that Bilko is about to sell to Conrad Hilton.
Played by Billy Sands
Billy started his career in 1946, when he appeared on Broadway alongside the great, Spencer Tracy in Robert Sherwood's Rugged Path. After Bilko he went on to play, Harrison 'Tinker' Bell in another TV comedy show, McHale’s Navy. In the Oscar winning film, Rocky, Billy's distinctive tones are heard to great effect. He is the guy in the club who hands out the fight purse.
Sugie was a handy boxer and for a short while, Military Policeman (MP).
Played by Terry Carter
Terry was born as John E. DeCoste in 1928. His mother, Mercedes, was a native of the Dominican Republic. In 1955, he joined the cast of The Story of Ruby Valentine, radio's first all-black soap opera series, for the National Negro Network, in which he played the role of a doctor suffering from memory loss. From 1965 to 1968, Terry worked as a newscaster for WBZ-TV in Boston, becoming the world's first black TV news anchor-reporter. He is best known worldwide for his role as Colonel Tigh, second in command of the ragtag fleet of starships, in the TV series Battlestar Galactica. For seven years he also starred as Dennis Weaver's partner, Sergeant Joe Broadhurst, in the popular detective series McCloud.
Comes from a military family - his mother was a wac! Fielding has an excellent eye for REAL jewels. Has a musical talent as he is a fantastic player of the ukelele. Bilko convinces him to go out with Duane Doberman's sister, Diane. Ernie says that it is Muscleman's Law and theory of family equalisation - which states that the uglier the brother the better looking the sister. Together with Paparelli he burns down a hotel that Bilko is about to sell to Conrad Hilton. Bilko takes him, Barbella and Doberman on a trip to Mexico, where they are held up by four bandits. 
Played by Mickey Freeman
One of the shows, of the TV series McHale’s Navy (An Ensign's Best Friend) was, in point of fact, written by Mickey. With Sholom Rubinstein, Mickey co-wrote a book about the Bilko show called; Bilko: Behind the Lines With Phil Silvers.
Corporal Rocco Barbella
Corporal Steve Henshaw
Corporal Sam Fender
Private Claude Dillingham
Private Duane Doberman
Private Irving Fleischman
Private Gander
Private Gomez
Private 'Stash' Kadowski
Private Mullen
Private Palmer
Private Dino Paparelli
Private Sugarman (Sugie) 
Private Fielding Zimmerman
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Maurice was the voice of 'Top Cat' character known as Benny the Ball
Appearing on Car 54 Where Are You?
Appearing as the Klingon Kras in Star Trek
Colonel Klink with Hogan.
Rocky Graziano World Middleweight Boxing Champion - protege of Jack Healy