Soothing the Savage Breast​

When Ernest Gold, composer of the background music for It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, suggested to Stanley Kramer that the entire 97 member Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra be used to score the picture, Kramer said, "Get them."

Gold proceeded to "Get them," and finally succeeded in securing the entire group because both parties found compatible dates. The Los Angeles Orchestra was particularly busy around the summertime, with it being the pillar of the Concert season in the famed Hollywood Bowl and was distinguished not only for its size but for the large number of soloists it embraced.

The Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra boasted some of the most outstanding musical talents in the country and Gold not only was proud to conduct these men and women, but considered it to be the highlight of his great career, including when he won the Academy Award for his work on the score for the movie, Exodus.

"What Gold did was to create long melodic lines that represented the collected misadventures and stop at nothing attitude of the main characters." Stanley Kramer

  1. Ernest Gold, second right, at the 1961 Academy Awards
    Ernest Gold, second right, at the 1961 Academy Awards
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