Title  (Year)  Part played

Ups And Downs  
(1937)  Charlie
Here’s Your Hat  
(1937)  Unknown
The Candid Kid  
(1938)  Unknown
Strike Up The Band
 (1940)  Pitch Man (scenes deleted)
Hit Parade Of 1941 
(aka Romance and Rhythm)  (1940)  Charlie Moore
The Wild Man Of Borneo
 (1941)  Murdock
The Penalty
 (1941)  'Grapevine' Hobo
Tom, Dick & Harry  
(1941)  Ice Cream Seller
 (1941)  Larry Herman
Lady Be Good
 (1941)  Master Of Ceremonies
All Through The Night  
(1941)  Waiter
You’re In The Army Now 
 (1941)  Breezy Jones

Roxie Hart  (1942)  Babe
My Gal Sal  (1942)  Wiley
Footlight Serenade  (1942)  Slap
Just Off Broadway  (1942)  Roy Higgins
Coney Island  (1943)  Frankie
A Lady Takes A Chance  (1943)  Smiley Lambert
Take It or Leave It   (1944)  Himself
Four Jills In A Jeep  (1944)  Eddie

Cover Girl  (1944)  Genius
Something For The Boys  (1944)  Harry Hart
Diamond Horsehoe  (1945)  Blinky Miller
Don Juan Quilligan  (1945)  'Mac' MacDenny
A Thousand And One Nights  (1945)  Abdullah
Where Do We Go From Here?  (1945)  Unknown
If I’m Lucky  (1946)  Wallingham M. ‘Wally’ Jones
Summer Stock  (1950)  Herb Blake
Top Banana  (1954)  Jerry Biffle

Lucky Me  (1954)  Hap Schneider
Something’s Got To Give  (1962)  Johnson the Insurance salesman
Forty Pounds Of Trouble  (1962)  Bernie Friedman
It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World  (1963)  Otto Meyer
A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum  (1966)  Marcus Lycus
A Guide For The Married Man  (1967)  The Realtor
(Carry On) Follow That Camel  (1967)  Sergeant Nocker
Buona Sera, Mrs.Campbell  (1968)  Phil Newman
The Boatniks  (1970)  Harry Simmons

The Strongest Man In The World  (1975)  Kirwood Krinkle
Won Ton Ton, The Dog Who Saved Hollywood   (1976)  Murray Fromberg
The Chicken Chronicles  (1977)  Max Ober
The Cheap Detective  (1978)  Hoppy (some scenes deleted)
Racquet  (1979)  Arthur
Hey Abbott  (1978)  As Phil Silvers
Goldie & the Boxer  (1979)  Wally
The Happy Hooker Goes to Hollywood  (1980)  William B Warkoff 
There Goes The Bride  (1980)  The Psychiatrist
Wholly Moses!  (1980)  Artist (scenes deleted)
Take Me Up To The Ball Game  (1983)  Irwin (voice only)